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DAD and My Son, Jaxon
DAD and My Son, Jaxon

Selection sunday is the one day of the year where moderate to die heart basketball fans get a chance to fill out their NCAA tournament bracket sheets. Basketball season did not start for my family on selection sunday, it started at the beginning of November every year. In my early childhood, I played basketball throughout my school years, but as I grew older I became a normal fan like everyone else. My dad is a normal fan. It’s rare that you see normal fans at sporting events and it seems that you always run into that fan who is yelling out cuss words at the games or who is flashing inappropriate gestures towards the court. What I have learned from My Dad growing up, is that this behavior starts early, from the days of playing the game, to watching the game. My Dad wouldn’t let me yell at the refs during the game. My Dad is the sports fan who does not hoot and holler at the games. He doesn’t yell at the referees when they make a bad call. He doesn’t do these things because he respects the game and he has taught me to respect the game. Me and my Dad have been going to VCU basketball games since I was a youngster, but in 2007 we became season ticket holders. This is important to us because it is something we do together every year, starting in November and ending in March. As Dad’s grow older and their son goes from playing the game to watching the game, cherish the moment and treat it as a learning experience. My Dad has set a foundation for me to pass onto my son. I learned that yelling on the court as a child or off the court as a fan, will not make you a better player, dad, or fan . Thanks Dad. Go RAMS!

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