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Today is Veterans Day. I hope you’ll take time to honor those that have served and sacrificed for our freedom. This year I wanted to hear a veteran’s story in their own words. I wanted to know what led them to service, who may have inspired them, and what they’ve learned from that experience.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to interview a friend from church, Bruce McCloy. Bruce is a husband, father of two, an engineer, and a United States Veteran. I learned quite a bit in the fifteen minutes that we had to chat. Bruce comes from a long line of military veterans; his grandfathers, father, brother, aunts, and uncles. He had a grandfather that served under Patton. Bruce used to marvel at the souvenirs his grandfather brought back from the war and the stories he shared. His own father traveled quite a bit and would often bring their family with him, so Bruce got a sense of the broader world at a very young age.

Bruce has humbly served his country and points out how blessed we are. He also reminds us that people sacrifice every day for our freedom even if they aren’t part of the military. He shares his hope for his kids that they would find ways to serve others, whether it’s military service, mission trips, or helping a neighbor down the street. He points out that serving others is what makes our nation strong.

I don’t want to spoil the whole story for you. There is much more wisdom that Bruce imparts. We recorded our conversation in the attached audio file, or rough “podcast”. It’s about fifteen minutes in length and gives a little window into a veteran’s story. I hope you’ll take the time to listen. If not this story, maybe listen to the story of a loved one, friend, or co-worker you know. I encourage you to seek out a veteran today and thank them for their service.

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