One Liner – Dad’s Favorite TV Show

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 | 10 comments


Here’s today’s ONE LINER *



One of my dad’s favorite T.V. shows is/was…     because…



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*What is the ONE LINER series?

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  1. …the “X-Files” because he loved spooky Sci Fi


  3. The Honeymooners.He loved comedy, especially Jackie Gleason and Red Skelton.

  4. The Andy Griffith Show. We laughed hard at Barney Fife and Gomer. I have tried to pass on the tradition to my kids.

  5. Hogan’s Heroes – I think the mix of cunning ingenuity by the POW’s and the incompetence of the German officers made the show a hit for all ages in our house.

  6. Dancing with the Stars….do you want the real reason or the made up version? :-)

  7. In Search Of with Leonard Nemoy (sp) (Spock) We used to watch it every Sunday night. I think he liked it because it had a picture of the castle on Loch Ness.

  8. A-Team! I think I have seen parts of EVERY show….

  9. Gilligan’s Island

  10. Exactly right Matt.

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