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I’ve been thinking a lot about inertia this week.  You know…“An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”  We’ve all experienced this first hand. If you’ve ever tried to help your buddy push a stalled car, you know what I mean.  Once the car is rolling, it’s no big deal, but that initial push, that’s the hard part, that’s the strain until you’re applying icy hot moment. Getting something moving that hasn’t been moving in a while is tough.

I haven’t been pushing any large vehicles or teaching a class on Newton recently, but I have been fighting inertia.  I’ve been finding it hard to get moving, specifically writing a post for this website.  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I haven’t written anything new since last fall.  Now I could give you a long list of reasons.  Work is hectic, we have a three month old baby and two other young kids in the house, we’ve been sick, I’m behind on some home projects, I can’t find the time, etc….you get the idea.    Though valid reasons, they are all excuses why I can’t instead of reasons why I can.

Applying Unbalanced Force

I think we all need something to motivate us, an unbalanced force to get that car rolling.  For me it was a friend challenging me at lunch last week. My friend also works on a blog and we were commiserating  about not writing or posting often enough.  That’s when he said, “okay, let’s both have one posted by next Friday”.  This was the unbalanced force, a goal, a deadline. It was on!  He posted the very next day.  Me… I am writing this the day after our deadline.  So it isn’t a perfect story, but I haven’t quit.  If you meet resistance, keep pushing.  I’m a day behind, but I am doing it.  Your hands may slip a bit on the car bumper, but don’t stop pushing.

Staying in Motion

So how do you keep it moving?  We all know the  difficulty in getting the chevy rolling so how do we keep it rolling?  How do we use inertia to our advantage? It’s hard to initially apply the force, but once it’s in motion it’s also hard to stop.  I’m realizing this morning that I’m rusty at writing, but I’m also reminded of how much I enjoy it.   Accountability is key.  If someone calls you out when you don’t make the deadline, if someone is concerned if you quit moving, I think that is the difference.  Whatever it is, a partner to go to gym, a book club member, a community group friend, a co-worker, we all need somebody to take an interest and hold us accountable.  We don’t need a marine drill sergeant or public shaming on Facebook, but we need someone who keeps us motivated.  They don’t just let us know when we slip they encourage us along the way.

So I’d like to thank my friend, Brian, for setting a deadline and holding me accountable.  He has a lot of wisdom and encouragement to share.  I recommend you check out his site at

Stay tuned.  The car is rolling again.




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  1. Excellent illustration and article Doug! Let’s continue to push one another and others!

  2. The car is rolling again!You’re so good at it! I’m so looking forward to reading more. You’re my motivator to keep moving…

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