I count my lucky stars…

Posted about Edwin (Ted) Gurley by Susan Gascard on Feb 16, 2014 | 2 comments

I only have good memories of my Dad. He was an upbeat, generous and kind man, always with a sense of humor. He was never short of a joke at the dinner table where I suppose we should have been discussing current events or something awfully serious. Many were real groaners, but you never got tired of seeing his big fat grin and hearing that delicious laugh of his. He was also unusually cheerful in the morning when he did his best to GET US UP (sometimes with a song which went down really well with a testy teenager). Imagine listening to all 3 daughters practice the piano every day, as well as the viola, cello and clarinet. Admittedly after a few years it might even have been enjoyable, but for the early days, ooooooh la la…and nary a complaint from Dad who was usually sitting reading the paper a few feet away.

We took many walks together, canoed, fished, played tennis, pool and chess, cards on a rainy day and being the most uncompetitive person I knew, he probably let me win more often than not. I don’t recall him ever lecturing me about anything, but just by example he showed me how to be a good person. After I left home for college 45 years ago he typed me a letter every week for as long as I remember.

Almost 20 years have gone by since losing him. I still find it difficult to talk about him. I have never again been able to play “Blue Moon” on the piano (his one performance piece), but I’m writing this now to salute him, to honor him and to say that he is not forgotten by A LONG SHOT. I am also contributing this for my nephew who created this blog as it appears to me that he has inherited the gifts of his grandfather. I guess I have the right to brag about both of them.


  1. Oh, sister Susan! Thank you! Your salute to Dad is “right on”. Yes, we’ve been the lucky ones. I see him in so many of his family and feel so blessed because of him. I think you inherited his gift of writing too. Glad you wrote this through tears. When I read it I had plenty of my own. XO

  2. A very beautiful story Susan….so evident there’s still so much Love for your Dad. It makes me wonder how we could have been so fortunate for fate to place us into families with Dad’s as incredible as our own. With Father’s Day approaching, I was looking for a way to honor my Dad, 40 years passed and stumbled onto this blog. After reading many of the wonderful stories, I posted mine which was written many years ago, for Father’s Day for my children who were much younger. I wanted them to know more about the Grandfather they unfortunately never had an opportunity to meet. Please thank your nephew for creating a place in the clouds such as this.

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