Dad the Problem Solver

Posted about Bruce Norman by Sue Sheppard on Jun 14, 2014 | 2 comments

My dad was a problem solver. The kind of person who made you feel secure. Toaster not working? Radio on the blink? No problem. Dad could take things apart, tweak an offending component and have things working in no time. Need a backdrop for your neighborhood roller skating show? Dad was the one who could point out the sheet and paints and help with designs. Start a fire in the caravan? Dad would heroically appear out of nowhere and take control. Having trouble with your math homework? Dad would whip out his slide rule and explain quadratic equations or geometry in a flash. Feeling poorly after spending the day in bed with a sore throat? Dad could make illness feel like a treat as he waged war on your paper battleships. He was a brilliant engineer who excelled at work whilst charming colleagues with his ready smile and sense of humor. A man of great integrity who always stood by his word. A scientist who could not easily accept vague concepts like faith and forgiveness and who grappled with the great betrayal of his body when diagnosed with cancer. He chose to suffer privately and not inconvenience others. It is my prayer that as he faced his final days he came to know his Creator through the reading of scriptures including Psalm 121 by faithful visitors from his local church. My hope is to be enthralled with his wide smile, to know his strong embrace and be beaten badly at chess once again. I love you Dad!


  1. A beautiful tribute to your dad, Sue. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful tribute to dad Sue. I miss his solid wisdom and safe space he created for us. Love you and miss you so much Dad.

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