Dad Gives Again

Posted about Jim Conrad by Andrew on Jun 10, 2014 | 1 comment

Last weekend I took the opportunity to get away with my college roommate to play in a golf tournament. I needed a car to get to Georgia and asked my dad if I could borrow one of theirs. Now what you need to know about my dad is that when I graduated from college he said something like, “You are on your own now. You have to pay your own way in life.” The truth is because he is a great dad he can’t stop giving to his kids because he loves us. So he let me use his car to drive to Georgia and he, a man in his mid-70′s, road his motor scooter to his appointments while I was off playing golf. I am thankful for a dad who loves and gives. It reminds me of God our Father who loves and gives and keeps loving and giving.

Happy Father’s Day, dad!



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  1. Parents never stop parenting… You dad is precious!

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