About the Founder

My name is Douglas Larry Orcutt.  I share my full name because Larry is my dad’s name.   I am a husband and father of four.

In February of 2011, my father, Larry Edward Orcutt, passed away and I don’t think my world has ever been quite the same.   I think you do heal, but there’s always a wound.  As I’ve grieved, I’ve found great solace in writing and in sharing stories about his life.   I  believe good eventually comes from bad.  Just like plants sprout from the ashes of a forest fire,  blessings emerge from sorrow.

Before my dad died, I had a chance to write him a letter. I thanked him for being my father and told him all the things he had taught me, the things that have made me the man I am today.   I told him how grateful I was and how much I loved him.   I am forever thankful that  I had that opportunity.   It is out of that experience that this project has emerged.

My dream is to create a forum for sons and daughters to talk about their fathers, a chance to tell us who their dad is.  My hope is that this project will use social media for good.  It will connect families, strengthen relationships and create a positive momentum that is contagious.   As my father before me, I hope I can leave a legacy.