"My Daddy, he was somewhere between God and John Wayne."

Hank Williams Jr.

What’s This Site About?

BRAG on my DAD is a website for everyone. It’s for sons. It’s for daughters. It’s a place to share and a place to celebrate. Whether your dad is part of your life or has passed on, it’s a place to tell how much he means to you or share what he’s taught you.

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Featured Stories

  • Dad the Problem Solver

    My dad was a problem solver. The kind of person who made you feel secure. Toaster not working? Radio on the blink? No problem. Dad could take things apart, tweak an offending component and have things working in no time. Need a backdrop for your neighborhood roller skating show? Dad was the one who could point out the sheet and… Read More »


  • A Perfect Day Dad shucking clams with daughter Francine, his youngest.

    A Perfect Day Even at 7 O’Clock in the morning I could tell……It was going to be one of those God awful, wicked hot, summer days. Any clothes would just stick right to you. No playing ball in the circle, or hiking through the woods, or even taking the long walk to Bill’s Luncheonette for a fountain coke and some… Read More »

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"This is a wonderful project.  We need to celebrate the important and essential role that dads play in our lives and let them know how much they mean to us."
Nancy Hall – Chesterfield, Virginia